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Oh no, look out for the zombie rat invasion in Phoenix and Tucson!

One of the valuable services we provide for our Maricopa and Pima County customers is rat removal.  Living in the desert, we share our environment with many animals, some more dangerous than others.  Rats of all kinds (roof rats, pack rats, kangaroo rats, field mice…) look for a nice place to live and this time of year are looking to find a nice, cool place to live and nest.  If you suspect (or you know…) that you have had a rat family move into your home air system please call us at 623-466-8625 or 520-343-4355.  Not only are rats of all kinds capable of causing thousands of dollars of damage to a home or business but they can carry some pretty nasty disease causing microbes – the dead carcass is usually the least of a homeowner’s worries.   If you have a friend or client who has had a rat penetration into their home (or pigeons, don’t forget the “rats with wings”…) please call us or visit our website at to request service.

ROC 240795 K-05 (DUAL)

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